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“I was so bad at warming up before jumping on my bike, this is so quick and simple”
“After long rides my low back was always tight. Now I can stretch before and after my ride.”
“I do a quick warm up before my commute to work, it makes a big difference to my legs”

Yoga Warrior™ - Fit for Cycling

Do you want to be more flexible and improve your performance?

Do you warm up before you head out for your ride? Does your back and hips ache after your cycle? Do you feel that the lack of flexibility in your muscles is impacting your training?

Do you suffer from pain in your low back, hips and hamstrings?

Are you looking for stretches to do before you head out on your bike? Do you want to be able to cycle for longer without the aches and pains kicking in? Do you want to know how to warm down after your ride so that you are ready to train the next day without pain?

Increasing your flexibility will improve your cycling performance and help you get the most out of your training!

Take control of your own cycling fitness with this award winning platform. You will be guided through pre and post ride stretches that will improve your flexibility and help you get the most out of your training. We will share tips on how to breathe efficiently to improve your cardio performance as well as guided meditations to help with mindset. You will also be guided through strength building poses that will make you even more stronger in the saddle.
Through your subscription you will have the tools to ease the aches in your body and improve your flexibility allowing you to be at your peak cycling fitness.

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Warm Up Before Your Ride

Warm up your muscles before you head out for your big ride. By doing as little as 15 mins before you jump on your bike can really make your ride so much more comfortable and result in you having less aches and pains when you come home.

Improve Your Flexibility

Work through our videos that are tailored for cyclists to help improve your flexibility. Once you get used to practicing yoga you may want to try our other videos for overall body conditioning. You choose the videos that will allow you to work on the specific area of your body and collate your favourites in your personalised portal.

Great Value for Money

After a day of cycling, it isn't feasible to attend a yoga class but it is really important to stretch your muscles after a big ride. Tightness can cause pain in the hips, low back and hamstrings if it isn't taken care of. Choose the video you want to do for your warm down and enjoy fantastic savings by choosing the best subscription for you for unlimited access to our award winning wellbeing platform.

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Ready to Get Started?

It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your account!