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Yoga Warrior Helped My Productivity

I have been practicing yoga with Yvonne for over five years and started because at 45 I was getting very stiff and had persistent aches and pains. I am self employed and so cannot afford to be off work. I decided that yoga would help me stay healthy and flexible. 

Since starting yoga and practicing regularly I now have none of the persistent lumbar pain I used to get from standing at my workbench daily.

Yvonne’s classes and workshops are well planned and good fun, her sense of humour and commitment to her pupils shines through and we all benefit hugely from her clear instructions and intentions for each class.

Yvonne has the knack of tuning into whatever the class most needs for the session and when I didn’t even realise I was in a brain fog I emerge with a clarity of mind and renewed purpose for my week.

Yoga Warrior has helped me discover a sense of self and an ability to tune into what I need in any given day, this has helped with my productivity and ability to cope in stressful situations at work as I remember to breathe and am able to dip into an inner calmness I have developed through my practice. The accessibility of the online videos is great for me to use when I am at home.

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