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“Yoga Warrior Gave Me a Lifeline”

It was Autumn 2018, I attended my first ever yoga session. It was a Yoga Warrior workshop. I went because I knew I had to do something different to help stop the daily anxiety and panic that life had become. I am totally inflexible and was hopeless. Yet I left with a feeling of inner calm that I hadn’t felt for the past few years.

I was a normal professional working in a busy job. Daily I was dealing with people going through the worse moments of their life and having to make complex decisions about their lives. I loved my job, my life and being busy. I had never had any challenges with my mental health before.

By January 2018, I had changed. Life was something to survive, I was constantly shattered. I was so anxious. I was scared of my own shadow and having daily panic attacks.  

In 2 years, I had experienced 5 significant bereavements, a run of difficult and challenging cases at work and had been threatened at work. My coping mechanisms weren’t working, and I was replacing them with negative ones.

Initially, Yoga Warrior workshops gave me a lifeline, a breathing space. They introduced me not only to yoga but to meditation. I tried to keep up a practice at home but struggled to calm my mind and to find the time.

Yoga Warrior Online solved that. I could access it anytime and anywhere on my phone. In the mornings I could do a physical practice. If short of time 15 minutes if I was more organised 30 mins. It made yoga accessible at home.

The meditation videos meant I could access it wherever I was. At my desk at work, in the car before a meeting, on a park bench the list goes on.

It gave me a lifeline to tune into my awareness and myself. To acknowledge my thoughts but to let them float past. Even a five-minute meditation session just helps me to regain my focus, to acknowledge my thoughts for what they are and to get on with my day.

After them I find I am more productive and focused at work even though I have taken time away from the desk.

Yoga Warrior Online gives you the tools on your phone to reset yourself, to have that breathing space whether it is a physical practice or meditation.

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