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Live Online Workshops

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6 Week Meditation Course, Live Online

Starting Thursday 13th May, 7-8.30 pm GMT

Have you tried to meditate but find you can't sit at peace?
Is your mind constantly jumping around?
Meditation helps us to reboot our brain and calm a racing mind. It also helps us to reduce stress and anxiety.

I'm so excited to share with you my own meditation course to help you establish your daily meditation practice.
The content covered will include:
* 30 days free access to Yoga Warrior Online
* Effects of stress on our body & mind
* Techniques to calm the mind
* How to meditate
* How to establish a daily practice
* Science of the brain
* Meditation & the nervous system
* Journaling
* Breath work
* Benefits of meditation
Start date: Thursday 13th May, 7 pm to 8.30 pm for 6 weeks
Investment: Early bird payment of £85 (book before 6th May) and £105 thereafter. Yoga Warrior Online Gold subscribers save 10 % on booking fee.

Stand In Your Power Workshop, Live Online

Sunday 11th April, 12 pm to 2 pm

This workshop will be an intense practice which may help you to cleanse and release tension from the body and draw your attention inwards. We will use this workshop to ease tension from your body, ignite the fire within your muscles through strong core work and connect with your inner self through strong standing poses.
This workshop is suitable for beginners as several options to postures will be given.
Props are essential for this workshop so please bring along blocks, straps and a rolled up bath towel. To join this online workshop email Investment: £25, Yoga Warrior Gold Subscribers save 10 %

Emergence Workshop, Live Online

Sunday 25th April, 12-2 pm
This workshop will be delivered to you live online.
Yvonne will lead you through a back bend practice to help to ease out back tension. We will use Forrest yoga abs to strengthen your core to enable the supportive muscles in your back to switch on. This will be an intense Forrest yoga workshop and you will sweat. It is suitable for beginners as modifications will be given. Props are essential in a Forrest yoga class so please have your mat, a blanket or towel, straps and blocks.
Investment £25, Yoga Warrior Online Gold Subscribers save 10 %

Rest & Restore, Live Online

Sunday 9 th May, 12-2 pm

This workshop will be delivered live online.

Join me from the comfort of your own home to restore you body and rest your mind.

This workshop will be delivered from the mat and the aerial hammock so it is suitable for all yogis, with or without a hammock! Take the time to bliss out for 2 hours with gentle restorative yoga, meditation and deep relaxation.

Investment: £25

Yoga Warrior Gold Subscribers save 10 % on booking fee