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Wellbeing Study For Corporate Client

This is a summary of the results from a Case Study with a global company.

Projected Cost Savings To Business

Impact of Lost Productivity and Absenteeism Vs Savings Due to Yoga Warrior Online (GBP)

The following feedback was received from employees of a major corporation who were working from home and using Yoga Warrior Online during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

“It was a great opportunity to try the platform and experience yoga at home. The flexibility of fitting it into your day when suited was good and being able to find videos of different lengths that met your requirements was good.”

” I haven’t used the platform as regularly as I would have liked to due to commitment of being a single parent, home schooling and supporting a parent who is shielding but when I have, I have enjoyed it and found the sessions to be enjoyable and beneficial. I know the irony is that if I did use the platform more it would help management of the above challenges but has been difficult to adapt it into what is an unusual situation. I’d want to continue using the Yoga Warrior and think it would be a great staff benefit.”

“Yoga is the most beneficial exercise I have tried so I would love to continue it.”

“First time I’ve tried yoga so very much still finding my way round the sessions. My mind always seems too active to be able to properly embrace mindfulness so possibly it’s not for me just yet.”

Wellbeing Pre-Yoga Warrior Online

Prior to the staff using the platform we conducted a short study to evaluate their physical and mental wellbeing. The following is a summary of the findings:

The following is a summary of the findings:

  • 100 % of the staff spend all day sitting for their jobs. 
  • The most common areas of their body that ache is neck, back and shoulders (> 60 %).  This data is consistent with widely available information that correlates back, shoulder and neck pain with desk-based workers.
  • 95 % of the participants have jobs that require thinking and problem solving and 78 % said they did not have good clarity of thought throughout the day and were mentally tired.
  • 60 % said they found it easy to switch off in the evenings with 40 % saying they did not.
  • 85 % felt their sleep could improve
  • 44 % revealed they slept well but had less than 8 hours sleep with 33 % having disturbed sleep
  • Walking, gym, yoga and running were the most popular activities that the staff currently take part in
  • 53 % of staff say the feel stressed occasionally at work with 30 % feeling stressed half the time
  • 98 % felt they needed to improve their overall wellbeing.

Wellbeing With Yoga Warrior Online

We conducted a short study after the trial to investigate if there was an improvement in the employee’s wellbeing.

The following is a summary of the findings:

  • The top 3 areas of the body that improved were neck, back, and shoulders.  All these areas are typical areas that desk-based workers must be mindful of in order to prevent long term chronic pain.
  • The key areas that have improved for the staff since they started using the Yoga Warrior platform are: 
    • 50 % Breathing
    • 43 % Sleep
    • 36 % Overall Body Condition
  • 64 % of the respondents found they had improved clarity of thought after mindfulness
  • Since starting the Wellness Programme:  43 % have noticed their wellbeing has improved but are still stressed and 29 % say their wellbeing is good compared to before the trial.
  • 86 % of respondents noticed it was easier to switch off in the evening  
  • 100 % revealed focusing on their wellbeing during their working day is important
  • 71 % currently have good levels of stress with 29 % being stressed most of the time whilst working from home
  • The areas that were most valuable to participants during this trial were:
    • 86 % doing yoga at home
    • 50 % mat-based yoga
    • 43 % managing my wellbeing in my own time
  • Additional content that users would like to see on the platform:
    • “I would like it to continue”
    • “Happy with current content”
    • “It would be good to be able to filter the videos by type of movement eg stretch or strengthening”
    • “I would love a sport specific Yoga session e.g. cycling yoga, to help me target specific muscles I use during a long cycle”
  • 43 % are happier and less stressed working from home with 29 % having high levels of stress and anxiety
  • 57 % have increased their time on the Yoga Warrior platform whilst working from home
  • 93 % found having an online wellbeing tool useful whilst working from home
  • 57 % of participants attended a gym prior to lockdown
  • 50 % are not participating in live streamed online fitness classes
  • 93 % of participants would like to continue to use Yoga Warrior Online as a staff benefit
  • 63 % of participants said that working from home and home schooling interfered with them using the platform and that they needed motivational emails to remind them to use the platform.

Data Analytics

The following charts show a breakdown of the data analytics for our corporate client:

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