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Yoga Warrior’s Videos have been developed with business people in mind. You choose the videos that will allow you to work on the specific area of your body or your mind and collate your favourites in your personalised portal.

There are videos suitable for beginners and for those who are more active and used to stretching. You decide when and where to do your yoga practice. You don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time. You simply log on and improve your wellbeing whenever and wherever works for you.

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  1. 15 minutes
  1. Nourish
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 01/12/2019
  1. Unwind

Unwind with this restorative yoga class.

By holding the poses longer we can encourage the body to release tension and stress.

We end the class with a relaxation.

Props required: bolster or lots of cushions.

Suitable for all levels. Beginners may not want to hold the poses for the recommended length of time.

  1. 15 minutes
  1. Reset
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 01/08/2019
  1. Office Yoga

Office based video.

This video focuses on the hands, shoulders, hips and spine. Perfect to do if you are needing a reset at your desk or have been driving to a meeting.

There is also a directed meditation at the end of the video to reset your mind as well as your body.
Suitable for beginners.

  1. 20 minutes
  1. 20 min Meditation
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 16/06/2019
  1. Mindfulness

Power up your mind with this 20 min meditation.

If you have loads of thoughts racing about your mind then this longer meditation is the perfect antidote to help to quiten your mind and provide you with clarity of thought. You can do this in the office, sitting in a chair or add this onto one of the mat based videos.

Suitable for beginners.

  1. 30 minutes
  1. Let's Twist Again
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 25/04/2019
  1. Energise

This class is perfect to start your day or to do in the evening after a busy day at work.

We move the spine in all directions so that your back muscles remain strong and support your spine.

The class begins with deep breath work, some strong standing postures and finishes with a long relaxation.

Suitable for beginners.