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Yoga Warrior’s Videos have been developed with business people in mind. You choose the videos that will allow you to work on the specific area of your body or your mind and collate your favourites in your personalised portal.

There are videos suitable for beginners and for those who are more active and used to stretching. You decide when and where to do your yoga practice. You don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time. You simply log on and improve your wellbeing whenever and wherever works for you.

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  1. 30 minutes
  1. Power Up
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 30/06/2019
  1. Productivity

Power Up your day with this hatha based class.

This class is great to get the blood flowing and to help get you gently moving through your postures.

We complete the class with a relaxation.

Suitable for beginners.

Sports: Running and golf.

  1. 5 minutes
  1. Calm
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 25/04/2019
  1. Mindfulness

This meditation is great to do if you are feeling particularly stressed or if things are starting to get to you.

It is only 5 mins so it is perfect to fit it into your busy day whether you are home schooling kids or working at your desk.

Golfers, it is also great to use this short meditation before you head out to the first tee to improve your mindset and reduce those jitters!

Suitable for beginners.

  1. 10 minutes
  1. Be Well
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 15/10/2020
  1. Mindfulness

For those days where things seem to be getting on top of us, this meditation is perfect.

By sitting with what is bugging us and breathing in the moment we can help to release the stress from our body and the frustrating thoughts from our mind.

Sports: Golf, Running, Cycling

  1. 5 minutes
  1. Reset
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 15/10/2020
  1. Mindfulness

Are you in need of a quick meditation to Reset your mind? This meditation is perfect for when you need to regain control of your thoughts and also to give your brain a quick reboot.

Take 5 mins to improve your mood and calm your racing thoughts.

Sports: Golf, running, cycling

  1. 60 minutes
  1. Sweat Buster
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 12/06/2020
  1. Workshops

Join Yvonne in this 60 min Forrest Yoga practice that will fire up your core and get your heart racing. This practice will make you sweat!

Props: block, strap, roll or rolled up blanket

Suitable for all levels as modifications are offered.

Great session for golfers who want to improve their core strength.

Sports: Golf, cycling, running.

  1. 120 minutes
  1. Anxiety Buster Workshop
  2. Yvonne Davies
  3. Added 05/05/2020
  1. Workshops

Anxiety Buster is a 2 hr Forrest Yoga Workshop that was recorded whilst live streaming online.
Yvonne will guide you through a delicious flow of postures & core work to flush the stresses from your body and mind. This is a strong backbend practice that includes advanced poses.
Props: Belt, blanket, strap, block
Suitable for all levels as beginner options are provided.
Sports: Golf