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“The biggest success has been a significant improvement to my mental health”

Before I joined Yoga Warrior Online I attended Yvonne’s weekly Hatha Yoga classes. I joined Yvonne’s class in 2018 because almost a year earlier I had suffered a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), or as they use to be called a Mini Stroke. Although my TIA had caused no lasting damage, I still had to consider some form of physical rehabilitation, especially as I noticed that my left side was weaker than my right. Also, my mental health needed a serious boost as I had to come to terms with what had happened.  I had studied yoga before but because of Yvonne’s friendly, welcoming attitude and her non-judgemental attitude to her student’s abilities, I decided to keep on attending the classes and make it part of my rehabilitation along with other lifestyle changes.

Since I joined Yvonne’s class 18 months ago, I have grown physically stronger, my balance which was always terrible has improved immensely, though it still needs work. But the biggest success has been a significant improvement to my mental health. When Yvonne launched Yoga Warrior Online I subscribed so I could continue my practice in the comfort of my own home, and at a time that suited me because sometimes the motivation needed to attend the gym just isn’t there. But Yvonne’s videos are just as challenging as a gym class, plus they are just the right length of time to fit in to my work and home life especially as I am currently studying for my Masters degree in The History of Art, and I have recently started a new job.

Yvonne’s Yoga Warrior videos fit nicely into my daily routine where a normal gym class would not. They also help me to stay on course with my ongoing rehabilitation.

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