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Plant A Seed

I used to have an amazing garden in my old house in Inverness.  It had loads of old apple trees and a huge big space where we built a green house, planted fruit trees and had several raised beds.  I was obsessed with the garden even when we were in the middle of fund raising for our start-up.  It’s where I could let my mind relax. 

When we moved to our current home, I had big plans and great intentions for creating a growing space for lots of fruit and veg.  However, all the plans fell to the wayside as running several businesses meant my focus had changed and I only planted hedges, bamboo and a random apple tree! 

Then Covid-19 reared its head and we started to see shortages in the supermarket of fruit, veg and of course toilet roll! I decided it was time to re-evaluate how I looked at our garden.  Yes, it was amazing to sit in whilst drinking wine but how could I make it a productive growing space? 

I stocked up with so many seeds and I even looked out my old ones from the Highlands but sadly they were way past their use by date. 

And so it began.  We built a raised bed and a full production line of germinating seeds was underway.  I totally forgot how amazing it is to grow your own fruit and veg from seed. 

Rather than spending my weekends watching box sets on Netflix or scrolling through social media I’m out in the garden with my newly planted fruit trees and tiny seedlings. 

Germinating seeds is also a great reminder to slow down which, in these times we are currently in, is super important.  We don’t need to be rushing around to meetings anymore, we can jump on our conference calls from our laptops or phones.  We can use this time to look after ourselves and show ourselves some long overdue selfcare. 

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week I think the wee seedlings have been a great reminder to me that it’s not all about winning the big contract or having the most amazing job. 

It’s about taking care of myself and slowing down because when we get back to some shape of normality things will no doubt be hectic again.  C‘Mon the wee seeds!

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