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And the Winner is Yoga Warrior

“And the winner is Yoga Warrior, ASB Most Innovative Start-up 2019, sponsored by Vodafone”.  

That has a great ring to it!  How did this happen?  

Well, the route to the ASB National Awards Final is the most thorough and diligent process I have been through since I pitched to venture capitalists for a previous start-up!

I had to provide two references and complete a detailed application form which were all reviewed by judges.  After passing the first stage, I was invited to attend an interview with industry leading judges in Edinburgh.  The successful candidates were then announced as finalists to attend the award ceremony where the winner was announced.  

Just last week Forbes announced their Top 100 Most Innovative Leaders and there were 99 men and 1 lady amongst them.  This is ironic given the incredible number of businesswomen I meet daily. 

Winning this award for Innovation has really given me a boost.  Anyone who has founded a start-up will know just how hard you work and how many roles you must play in the business, especially in the early days.  Being an entrepreneur is exhausting!  It is times like this though, when you are recognised for all your hard work that you really must celebrate it and breath it in!  

Winning this award will give me that extra edge when I am speaking with commercial partners.  They don’t need to take my word for it when I tell them my business can make a difference to theirs.  The ASB is a National organisation and the award is sponsored by one of the leading companies in digital health, Vodafone.  So when you have this kind of backing it is time for companies to sit and take notice, at Yoga Warrior – We Are Fit For Business!

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