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“Stressed out staff was a real worry until we found Yoga Warrior”
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“Having a tool that can help de-stress our staff is a great asset to our business”
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Bone Strength

After the age of 40 our bone mass decreases at a rate of roughly 1 % each year and in some cases leads to osteoporosis.

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Is your company attractive to your staff or do you struggle to retain them?

Are your staff working in a high intensity and stressful environment? Does your business suffer from a high staff turnover? Is your business investing money in your staff training only to lose your best staff to your competitors?

Does your workforce have low morale, lack motivation and productivity?

Workplace absence costs the UK £18 billion in lost productivity and this is expected to rise to £26 billion by 2030. Are there high levels of workplace absence in your company? Are a significant number of your staff on short- or long-term sickness? Are you concerned about the wellness of your staff and how this affects the performance of your business?

Your company can attract and retain the best staff and lock out your competitors.

Companies who offer Yoga Warrior Online to their employees as part of their staff benefits package, empower their staff with the tools to improve their own health and wellbeing in the workplace. Installing a duty of care in your business can increase staff productivity, engagement and create a healthy workplace culture.

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Why Invest in Your Staff?

Before Covid, the World Health Organisation was quoted saying “Stress is the epidemic of the 21st Century”.  With more people working from home due to the Pandemic it is even more important to look after each other and be aware of the impact of stress on the body and mind.

In a world that is driven by technology it isn’t surprising that stress and mental health related issues are increasing.  People are working harder and longer hours in a technology driven world.  The technology can shut down, be re-booted and upgraded but as a business owner the most important asset within your business is your staff.  Your staff need to be empowered, encouraged and provided with the tools to allow them to have a work, life balance. 

By investing in your staff’s health and wellness within the workplace you are encouraging them to take ownership of their own wellbeing.  Empowered and healthy staff are more likely to be more productive, engaged and motivated and less likely to be absent from work. 

Why Yoga In The Workplace?

The National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE) has released new guidelines to encourage employers to help their staff become more active and fight obesity.  Yoga has been listed as a key tool to improve productivity within the workplace (  Professor Gillian Leng, deputy chief executive and director of health and social care at NICE, said: “If the United Kingdom’s 5.7 million small and medium sized businesses encouraged their workforce to be more active, they are more likely to reap the benefits of having engaged employees who are more productive and are less likely to take time off sick.”

Yoga can help your staff breath more deeply which increases the oxygen in the blood and improves clarity of thought.

What are the benefits of using Yoga Warrior?

  • ROI Data Analytics
  • Live Online Educational Webinars
  • Live Online Wellness Sessions
  • Quarterly Enterprise Report
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increase productivity & performance
  • Alleviate aches & pains
  • Improve immune system & cardiovascular health
  • Encourages work – life – balance
  • Improves concentration
  • Encourages a happy & healthy workforce

Why Yoga Warrior

At Yoga Warrior we have incorporated an ancient practice into a business tool with Yoga Warrior Online.  Our Founder, Dr Yvonne Davies has led and built companies within the Healthcare Sector and is acutely aware of the relationship between chronic diseases such as heart failure, stroke, diabetes and stress.  Yoga Warrior is the only online wellness platform that provides yoga, meditation and relaxation videos that are tailored for business professionals.  Dr Yvonne Davies has been a CEO & CBO and yoga and meditation have helped her to perform at her best.  The content contained on the Yoga Warrior website has been created from extensive training within the yoga arena, scientific education and business expertise.  Dr Yvonne Davies has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years.  She trained as a teacher with Yoga Scotland for 3 years in hatha yoga and meditation and trained in Bali, Indonesia to gain her Forrest Yoga teaching qualification.   She is also a qualified Aerial Yoga teacher.  

We have used our vast experience in business, health, science and yoga to develop Yoga Warrior Online.  The Yoga Warrior videos are focused and tailored specifically to the needs of busy working people.  If your staff are sitting at a desk all day they will most likely suffer from back, hip and wrist pain.  If you have a sales force who are driving long hours per day they may suffer from neck and shoulder pain.  

By using Yoga Warrior you are offering your staff access to the leading business wellness ROI platform on the market.  You are empowering your staff to take control of their own health during their working day.  You have invested a lot of money in training your staff so it is important that your business retains them and doesn’t lose them to your competitors. Yoga provides an excellent ROI since it increases the health and wellbeing of your workforce.  

By offering Yoga Warrior Online as part of your staff benefits package your business is investing in your people. Your staff will be able to watch their videos whilst sitting at their desk in the office, or in a hotel room if they are travelling for business or at home.  Your staff can manage their wellbeing whenever and wherever works for them.

The Yoga Warrior Platform

How Does It Work?

What you get when you choose Yoga Warrior

  • Working with a company who has extensive business experience as well as yoga expertise
  • Provide your staff with the tools to manage their own wellbeing on their own terms
  • Each staff member will have their own personalised portal
  • Unlimited access to regularly updated on demand yoga, meditation and relaxation videos tailored for business
  • Do the videos at your desk in the office, at home or whilst travelling for business
  • Save your favourite videos
  • ROI information on a per employee basis
  • The option to have Yoga Warrior staff on site

Workplace absence costs UK business £18 billion per year.

Do you want to increase staff retention and productivity within your business?

Meet us to discuss how we can improve your staff retention.

The Science

Bone Strength

After the age of 40 our bone mass decreases at a rate of roughly 1 % each year and in some cases leads to osteoporosis.

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What Our Customers Say

Awards & Affiliations

Don’t lose your best staff to your competitors!

Dr Yvonne Davies, Yoga Warrior Ltd

Yvonne has built and led businesses within the paper, electronics and healthcare sectors. She has held Board Level positions including CEO, CBO & Director.  Most recently she has been involved with companies that were focused on chronic diseases such as Diabetes, COPD, Heart Failure and Stroke.  She is passionate about educating business people on improving their lifestyle and decreasing stress.  In the business world stress is on the increase and for this reason Yvonne has developed a business tool that draws on her wealth of wellness and business knowledge to improve productivity and wellbeing within the workplace.

 She has trained extensively in yoga and is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Scotland.  Her achievements include:  Yoga Scotland Foundation Training (1 year course, 250 hours), Yoga Scotland Teacher Training (2 year course, 500 hrs), Foundation Teacher Training with Forrest Yoga (Bali, Indonesia, 1 month course, 200 hours) and Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours), Transcendental Meditation (200 hrs).

Yvonne is also a contributing author for BUPA: 

Five Reasons To Take Up Yoga by Dr Yvonne Davies

Which Yoga Type is Best For? You by Dr Yvonne Davies